RARE Partners

Our team offers a wealth of experience covering finance, accounting and business development. Project development services include: 


* Consultation services to investor groups including structured funds.
* Project management for equity, debt, merger projects.
* Capital raise projects for business and export development. 
* Access capital investment fund structures and international markets.
* International engagement, innovation to joint venture investment programs.

* Research, analysis and project support.


If your organization or enterprise is seeking capital for expansion or international trade development, contact the office for more information.

                                                          Mathew Sweeney


                                                          Mb: 0400 987 318

                                                          Em - matthew.sweeney@rarepartners.com.au

                                                      Derek Tink


                                                      Mb: 0473 027 030

                                                      Em - derek.tink@rarepartners.com.au