A regional need to raise capital, for regional ideas

RARE Partners is committed to supporting raising capital for regional ideas, that meet the needs of regional communities.


Our focus is support regional focused entrepreneurs, regional communities and shareholders. When assessing business ideas, a range of factors are considered including financial returns for investors, fair return for the entrepreneur and how the project could benefit key requirements within a regional community, such as creating jobs for the future.   


For those business in the New England North West region that wish to raise capital we specialise in developing appropriate funding strategies to meet your current business needs and those that align with your future aspirations. We also aim to inform and educate businesses, as to how their project could align with regional community needs.


Our services include the use of traditional debt funding options from major banks through to more complex equity capital raising techniques using extensive international platforms. This is then supported by Board and managerial guidance to accelerate the growth and reduce the risk by adhering to a disciplined business development strategy.


The first step towards realising regional ideas is to contact us to arrange a no obligation free meeting to see if you qualify for our exclusive program.

Typical Deal Flow