The Investor Ready Document Suite

In order to be investment ready, a business will need to have a business plan that clearly articulates the business model to be developed.


Different stakeholders have different information needs. When seeking to attract investors, an information memorandum explains to investors the proposed business and strategy. 


Elements that are usually developed include:


-          Business Overview

-          Business Strategy

-          Marketing Plan

-          Operational Strategy

-          People

-          Financials

-          Use of Funds

-          Shareholder structuring


Financial Forecast and Model

A key to our investment ready program is the development of comprehensive financials (P&L, Balance Sheet) including budgets / financial forecasts to understand how the business is going to use any new funding and the likelihood of success.


RARE Partners comprises qualified and experienced financial analysts. We work closely with accounting or business advisers to ensure a robust financial model is created that can be used as a dashboard to track milestones and accountability.


Our financial modelling is also used to develop “what-if” scenario analysis to help predict the effect of any business strategies not simply record historical transactions.


Investor Relations Material Development

Prior to publication of the Investor Relations documentation, for example an Information Memorandum, our advisers will meet with a client to plan scope of works required to ensure professional concise documents are produced for financiers or investors to consider.


This may include graphic designs and formatting to be consistent with our existing platform so investors are able to easily benchmark an investment opportunity against other opportunities being presented.


PR/Media Relations/Digital Communication Services

RARE Partners works with regional based media for the purpose of informing the public of an organization's mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner. Typically, this means coordinating directly with the people responsible for producing regional news and features in the regional media.


RARE Partners provides clients with digital communication services, including digital marketing, webcasting and livestreaming services. Our firm has a database of qualified investors, that can receive direct investor relations messaging from our firm.


Though focused on regional ideas, RARE Partners also has international digital broadcast capabilities. The firm also has access to multi-lingual team members and advisers enabling us to develop media releases , pitch documents and even video production to promote investor ready projects in the right manner and within the legislative limitation placed on a capital raise.


Investor Distribution Services

RARE Partners has access to a range of distribution mechanisms and platforms as well as public relation services. We are also able to provide access to our international and domestic network of offices and clients.


Director Services

For most capital raising transactions a client will need to have a corporate structure suitable to issue share capital. In Australia this is normally a “Limited” company that requires a minimum of three directors and often requires an external audit.


A Board of directors are required to undertake a continual review of the company operations, ratify and monitor systems of risk management and internal control, codes of conduct and legal compliance. This will often include monitoring of senior executive’s performance and implementation of strategy and include the approval and progress of major capital expenditure, capital management, acquisitions and divestures.


RARE Partners can provide senior executives with 20+ years of experience for Boards and /or Advisory Boards to oversee the company, including its control and accountability systems and ensure the investors interest remain aligned with the corporate strategy.